What is a brand and what is it about it?

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"The 21 century is a world of brands".

We hear this literally everywhere. Ask anyone to name top 3 companies from any branch. It doesn't matter which one: from car to IT technologies, be sure, you will hear one and the same list of companies, having an edge in it.

Why does it happen? Let's find out together.

A brand is the presentation of a product or a service, which appears in the customer's mind.

Recall someone of your friends or acquaintances. What are the three facts that have come to your mind? Perhaps it would be a height, a hair color, a physical form, features of a voice or an image. It means the main features, distinguishing him/her from the others.
The same with the brand: there are a lot of smartphone producers in the market. Their products might not always differ very much in terms of purpose and functions. And if prices are in the same range, then what should the user consider to make a decision? A name, design and appearance become decisive.

Now let's talk about the constituent parts of the brand.



It is attractive, clearly appealing to the certain image, and associates with the product or service. But sometimes all the way around. You just can't define, what it is about, as the company wanted to appeal to the effective discrepancy. You will remember the brand because of its interesting and creative solution. Popular "Apple" brand can be an example in this case. How does an apple connect in one's head to the consumer electronics industry? That's it.

Corporate colors


Most people today consume information visually. It is much easier to remember some range of colors and a picture to recall the image in the head. Some psychologists believe that to keep customer's attention the information shouldn't be visually tiresome. To find the right color range is one of the crucial tasks at brand consideration. 



Usually it is formed in the corporate colors, in the context of the concept, defined by the management.

When it is being created it is necessary to pay attention to one thing: absence of "noise". Designers understand this notion as anything that interferes with the right perception of the information. A lot of tiny details, multicolored palette, variety of several fonts... And finally, an eye catches everything at the same time and the particular image is not compiled. A person looses a chance to purchase your product or tell a friend about it, simply because of fact: it is hard to remember you.

Let's talk here about a font used in the logo. Imagine that you are a brand, producing ceramic knives. What font do you use? Most probably, the letters are stretched out, sharp and light. To cause association with it in the buyer's mind. As well as the color and the form the font also influences psychological perception of the logo. 



Simple and clear. Reflecting the very essence: main features of the company. It can be connected directly to the product or service or it might reflect the quality of the service. Recall the slogan of an American company working in catering services: "McDonald’s. I'm loving it". It reflects the client preference. Define what particular thing in your slogan the consumer will respond to, and you'll find happiness.

The process of brand creation is a meticulous work of marketing managers, designers and many other specialists, aspiring to make the product or service attractive or "tasty". They study the audience, its needs and mentality. Historical and cultural traditions. Latest public trends. All of it is necessary to fulfill buyers' expectations in the best way and stay in their memory. To force them to come back again. To tell the others.

So the qualified and effective branding is vital for business. The company begins to perform all the works related to the creation and development of the product brand and its further promotion.
It happens that the company makes a decision to change its brand. It aims to put a "new" face on itself. What steps are to be done?

Rebranding is fine

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, as Coco Chanel said once. And she is generally right. But there is a notion of "Rebranding" in marketing and promotion, and it means restart.

The reasons for it can be very different:

- The leadership was changed.
It has a new vision of the product and sales, new development direction for the brand, but it wants to keep the name and trust, that was already ensured by the company.
- The needs of the audience or the audience itself were changed.
Consumer evolves very rapidly in the modern world; therefore business has to keep up with its clients. In this case remaking of the brand might also be required. When the society changes, we should adapt to the trends important for consumers.

- The company has entered a new market.
And now the boundaries of the product or service distribution have expanded, and it means many nuances have changed too. If the company enters the international market, it will most probably meet the standards accepted everywhere, but it will also keep its individuality in order to not become lost among the competitors, but to earn the trust of the buyer.

Therefore, rebranding process is legitimate and right. The main thing is that it should be performed by the specialists, who know what the changes imply and how to introduce them. Take an example of a successful rebranding.

Let's study a success story of a company with an example of a famous car trademark Ford. In 1903 the company presented its first emblem.

pasted image 0 (3).png

It was a big black and white picture with quite a long inscription "FordMotor Co.Detroid mich". At that time it was particularly fashionable to use a massive font with a curved edge. The logo was presented in the dark colors, and that distracted attention. A small part of it remained on the light colors. Several years passed before it was rebranded. Six years later the company renewed its logo.  

pasted image 0 (4).png

Look at it:

Only the word "Ford" left. The font didn't look heavy anymore. The text color was changed to black. So, after the first serious changes, "Ford" emphasized their effort to develop and move further.

pasted image 0 (5).png

In 1912 had already appeared the first oval logo of the car brand. Originally it meant "a mark of the highest order". As history showed, it became the most recognizable and popular at that time because of its simplicity and geometrical form. The car company still uses the logo of this shape, developing the color range and font style.

The last redesign happened in 2003 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the company.

pasted image 0 (6).png

This time the retro design, the background and the oval shape were successfully combined. The font doesn't overwhelm attention and looks good in the white color. The company was making effective decisions in due times according to the changes in the world that were happening during 100 years. As a result, they saved the traditions of the past and earned their customers' trust, remaining one of the world leaders in the car market.

According to the last research by "Nielsen" in 2020 the brand trust index will become higher. Here are the numbers: 85% of the global users, taking part in polling, favor the brand products more when they choose between the no-name product and brand product. According to the data acquainted, several indicators provide this: recognizable logo and name, and reviews of friends and acquaintances.

Today we have figured out what the brand is, what it consists of and how to work with it. We have talked about the aims and reasons for the rebranding, presenting them with the bright examples.

"Mediaset" reminds the readers about one important feature:

only 40% of the brand popularity depends on the qualified and effective branding. To really ensure trust of the consumer it is important to remember that a significant part of the

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