Where digital interfaces are progressing?

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The era of technology allows us to make human-machine interaction convenient, fast and enjoyable. Thanks to this, the most complex projects can boast of interfaces that can leave us speechless.

Let us see what is now trending among the interfaces and where the digital is developing.

Brand illustration as a distinctive feature

Illustrations convey emotions and brand relevance. Huge corporations such as Airbnb, dropbox, etc. are trying to stand out in the market by means of the illustrated branding. The individuality of the illustrations helps to keep the decision-making process much more comfortable than a regular text or a stock photo do.

Google Tasks Start Screen


Interfaces trends change quite quickly, but 3D objects in addition to high-quality animation will always delight the user when viewing the service.

Given that most of the sites have a flat design, your site with 3D-elements will be definitely insight against competitors. However, this does not work for every business.

3D screen example

Kinetic typography

Kinetic typography implies "letters in motion". This style of typography began to develop in the web with the appearance of the fashion for brutalism. As a rule, letters are stretched, but they can also evolve, disperse and change the perspective. It is a kind of junkie technique for the techno parties. Such typography is common in the motion design and it has been quite common to use in interfaces on business cards or trendy promo sites.

Mobile first

Mobile First is an approach to develop a website starting from a mobile version, not from a desktop version (for a large computer screen).

Mobile phones now account for almost half of the time people spend online. If we compare the percentage of using mobile phones and personal computers, the figures will be 57% to 43%, in favor of phones. This fact is not surprising in view of the usability and mobility of smartphones.

According to the results of the black Friday sales in 2018, the platform b-friday.com has received 56% of sales traffic from smartphones.

Historically, web designers always start developing website design on a large computer screen in order to elaborate the functionality of the site. By 2020, the number of smartphones users will only increase, so the design technology Mobile first should break the designers' principles. By the way, the Esquire website has been created on the principle of Mobile First.

The full implementation of this technology will take a few more years, but this method is definitely worth paying attention to.

Responsive site Esquire.com

Voice user interfaces

If everybody had Jarvis, the life would be much easier and that is already possible in the nearest future. Voice user interfaces are becoming popular as they reduce the time of interaction between a human and an interface.

ComScore estimates that 50 % of website visits will be performed by means of voice as early as 2020.

More and more companies are concerned with the implementation of voice user interfaces. The global giants such as Google, Siri and Bixby demonstrate that a voice search is not only more convenient and faster but also it is already a standard practice for an average person.

Nowadays 20 million people in Russia use voice commands to control interfaces. The popularity of voice user interfaces will inevitably grow. It is only a matter of time.

Siri responds with a voice command

Visual search

This searching method allows finding an image by means of a camera in an extremely large graphical database on your request. Basically, you take a photo of a product, download it and the service finds this product in its graphical database.

Amazon was the first corporate adopter of this technology in 2014, but now such kind of search can be found practically on every website: Lamoda, Pinterest, AliExpress, etc.

The growing popularity of the visual search is connected with the speed of product search and increasing options. An example of the usage of such a search: a user sees a pair of shoes at the offline shop and wants to know how it will look like on him or her with other pieces of clothing. The user goes to Pinterest and takes a photo of the shoes. As the result, he or she sees the examples of different outfits with these or similar shoes.

Pinterest visual search


Digital marketing is wonderful with its fast-developing technologies. The spectrum of development increasingly tends to simplicity and speed. The best interfaces will anticipate and take into account the wishes of people, while looking minimalistic and convenient. Only time will tell! :)

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