Why is it more convenient to work with a web studio than with freelancers?

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As is well-known, there are a lot of specialists in the Internet, offering different services that are cheaper than those of the studios. It is clear why they are cheaper, because the freelancers neither pay taxes nor rent the office. But is it worth it to save budget and turn to the freelancers? Let's work it out!

1. Freelancer works alone

Freelancer at work

At studio several employees will work for you project, it will always be controlled by a project manager, which can discuss all your wishes and preferences. Design and programming will be done by the whole team of specialists

At freelancer's it is easier: he/she will do all work alone, that inevitably will affect the quality of the final product, but, on the other hand, he can work at weekends, on holidays, and even at night, which is seemingly a big plus, as your project would be finished on time. But it is all different in real life. The freelancer often exaggerates his power and abilities that causes troubles for you at the end. On contrary, at the web-studios everything is clearly distributed by the hours, which are stipulated in your contract. Unforeseen circumstances and delays will be addressed with a minimum amount of time in this case.

2. Finding a responsible freelancer is complicate

In the website of the web-studio it is always possible to see its portfolio while the freelancer might show you some works that don't belong to him.

There are many more freelancers than companies providing services of making web-projects. It is difficult to choose an honest and decent provider among them. It's better to look for it in the proven places, since it can't be excluded that someone will take your money and you will never see neither your website nor the freelancer. At the same time, the web-studio values its reputation and will do everything to satisfy their customer.

3. Freelancer tracking

Freelancer always requires your attention

You have to control the freelancer and give the tasks yourself, because he is your hands but not your head. For that reason, instead of developing your business you will spend your time setting tasks to the freelancer. In a case of the web-studio you will need only to choose the options and ideas that you like.

4. Freelancer - a big risk to break deadlines

Anything can happen in life, particularly, when you don't expect it. Force majeure always happens "not at the right time", but because of it your business project might be indefinitely postponed. If we suggest that the freelancer gets sick, then he can't do his job and can't hand his work off to another specialist as well. Luckily, in the web-studios even in this case there is always someone to work for the sick one, and the deadlines will not be moved.

5. Work and responsibility

Even if the freelancer is contracted, it doesn't mean that in case of disagreement you will be able to get your costs recovered in the short term. The web-studio is sued in the court with its authorized capital, and then the company director and founders accept liabilities. It is possible to sue certain money from this group of people and get them soon after the court case, but the freelancer will pay you only some percents of his salary. You will certainly get your money, but it might be delayed for a very long time.

These are the main five things that we would like to tell you. In fact some people just don't know about many risks and go to unverified specialists. Before you order the project, check all the nuances and make the informed decision.


Studio is a competent expert approach; freelance is a risk and relatively cheap work. If you want to get qualitative and selling instrument for your business, then contact the web-studio. Speaking about saving money, examine all the risks and you will realise that the project from the web-studio is more profitable. Save your money, time and nerve cells!

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