Attracting attention
and telling about Aristokrat grand hotel

Creating a luxurious website
of Aristokrat grand hotel and increasing the number of bookings in the hotel

Moderation and laconism
Dignified style, convenient interfaces and detailed descriptions of the Aristokrat grand hotel services. Each page of the website adapts to the user’s device giving the opportunity to choose and book a luxurious room in several clicks.

Photoshoot of the hotel
The theatre begins with a cloakroom, and creating the website for a luxurious hotel starts with a photoshoot. Each room, interior detail and bunch of flowers make a huge difference. A visitor being far away from the hotel wants to imagine how their rest will look like.
Luxury in detail
Rooms, buffet, hot tubs, hammam and a lot of other services are offered by Aristokrat grand hotel. They require a detailed, understandable description. Each page has a thought-through interface and presentation of the information. Everything is convenient and laconic.
Big beautiful photos show everything without many words.
Room card
The most important things a visitor should know before booking
Detailed description of any service offered by Aristokrat grand hotel
Each page has an opportunity to upload a detailed video.
Everything at hand. Access to any website page in two clicks.
Grand Aristokrat
Not only leather sofas, unique handmade hammering
and marble floors highlight sophistication of Aristokrat grand hotel,
but also a convenient website contributes to the concept of the whole project.

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