Development of the portal about martial arts
“Fight Nights”
  • Aim:
    Creating the best Russian portal about martial arts.
  • Task:
    Telling about the company, FIGHT NIGHTS battlers, and oncoming and passed tournaments.
Fight Nights
One of the largest promoting companies in Europe, which organizes tournaments with world-known celebrities. Roaring fights and great shows organized in last four years have become a signature line of Fight Nights tournaments.
Interfaces of ticket booking
We have realized the booking and checkout system for every oncoming tournament.
«“Fight Nights”» — - only the best fighters
Fight Nights battlers perform successfully all over Russia and try to fight their ways into the best world leagues like — UFC, Bellator, etc. Difficult fights can become the next challenge for the company, and the success — promotes martial arts in Moscow.
Vladimir Mineev
Kind of martial arts: K-1, MMA
World champion according to WKA, world champion according to WAKO-Pro, two-time European champion among amateurs. Russian Cup winner in Thai boxing, silver medalist of the Russian championship.
Height, cm
Weight, kg

24 victories

1 defeat


5 victories

All Fight Nights tournaments are escorted by beautiful girls
No doubt, fights are performances for real men, and any man likes beautiful women, doesn’t he?
All information is on one portal
You can easily find the information about oncoming and passed tournaments, fighters and their achievements on the portal.

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