Development of the website for “Geografiya Dobra”

The aim of the project is to unite charity funds, commercial organizations and ordinary people to create one information platform for getting reliable information and help and also for finding those who are in desperate need of help now.

Marks on the map are not just red points. They mean that somebody needs help now. Follow the path of kindness and make your way to good deeds!

New level of charity

The fund collaborates with the organizations which work with people in need: social welfare agencies, orphanages,
homes for the elderly, church livings, etc. Requests for help come to the website. We have a task to tell people
that charity is not only about money. A lot of people often need food or support, which everybody can give.

We want to attract to the project as many people as possible. Now help doesn’t take much time, but only clicking one button on the website to make somebody’s life better.
On “Geografiya Dobra”, you can not only donate money for different needs,
but also do good things such as giving clothes, food, moral support.
You can easily choose the type of help for those who need it on the website.

After receiving help, every person in need can show his thankfulness on the website and post a photo report and documents proving the fulfillment of the request.
This way, we provide the guarantee of targeted aid, giving things and money to those who they were aimed for.

Requests for help, reviews and thanks

A good-doer can choose problems according to the type of aid, location, supervisory organizations in the catalogue of help. Each page of a problem contains the photo of a person in need, problem description and documents. Here you can see how much money is raised by now and how much is left.

Everything is clear and simple

You don’t have to look for the section and for the button to press for a long time. The system leads you to the next step. Help has become easier and faster with “Geografiya Dobra”.

Make your way of good deeds.

Getting responses about good deeds is very important. This way, people in need can show their gratitude, and good-doers can make sure they do the right and necessary thing.

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